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Teleport lets you drop in to any place in the world by faking the device GPS location. Just pick a location by long clicking on the map, and hit Teleport. Not only can you go to one single place, but you can import a route from a GPX or KML file, and run that route ! It is one of the best apps on the market that can fake GPS location without any other apps noticing there’s something wrong. Try it for yourself !

Missed that check-in ? No problem !

Want to visit an area from the comfort of your own home ? No problem !

Want to test your new location based app ? Place your device there !

Works transparently with all kinds of apps that use location, including spoofing.

You decide what you want to use it for !

To use a GPX/KML file, choose Load File, select a file, and hit Teleport ! It's just like you're actually there. Test it with Maps/Facebook/Google+/ and check in to any place you want ! None of the apps will notice a difference between this and an actual GPS !

For the first run of the app, enable the MOCK_LOCATION setting and then run the app, or just dismiss the dialog with back button. You can use the app without using the Allow Mock Location option on the device if you have root. Just go into settings, and choose "Request root access". That's it. You are all set to roam the world or play that game from the comfort of your couch !

Here’s a post on how you should set up the app for optimal results - <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

Here’s a list of all the permissions requested by the app, and why - <a href="" target="_blank"></a>

How Search works : Search for a postal address, and the top 5 results are placed on the map. Click on one to select and Teleport ! To clear the map of the results, long click the map, and all the results are cleared. You could also use voice search as an option. Hope you like the new feature !

Known issues :

+ Teleport jumps between intended and actual current location : Enable 'Aggressive Mode' in settings.

+ Teleport may not start immediately, or may experience delays : Here's a few reasons -

- - SuperSu is known to delay granting root access to apps, causing delays in Teleporting. If you see your device teleport to one location every 15-20 seconds SuperSu is at fault.

- - The device’s GPS is just stuck, and may require a device reboot. If you used Maps or any other app that used GPS not too long ago, killing that app might help

- - You’re using a phone that’s too slow to do all the processing required to start Teleporting, but that is usually not the case.

+ The pointer you placed and the detected location, marked by the blue dot may not be in sync. Give the device a few minutes to start detecting the spoofed location. Some devices may be slower and hence the problem

+ Map centers on the actual location of the device as shown by the app, despite the marker and blue dot are in sync. The in-app map is a little finicky like that, switch to any other map/location service, and you'll be in the location you want to be in.

+ App crashes every time you load a file : Chances are that the file you’re loading has some key information like Latitude/Longitude missing. You might want to fix the data in the file before trying again. If you cannot find any issues with the file, upload the file from the Help section of the app, or send the file via email to <a href=""></a>. I’ll get it resolved at the earliest.

+ Devices older than Gingerbread may experience frequent crashes. This is normal, some features of the app are intended for newer devices.

Please report any issues at or send an email to <a href=""></a> so they can be fixed at the earliest. If you use the app and like it, don't forget to leave a comment/rating for the app !

++++==== Please use the app responsibly, and in a way that doesn't get you in to trouble. The app or it's creator is not responsible for any kind of damage that is a result of direct or indirect use of this app. ====++++

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